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April 2010

IPSS came 5th in the country for gender equality practises in Georgia held by UNDP.

March 2010

IPSS Real Estate service makes new available to view avalilable apartments directly on our web-site.

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February 2010

Download our First Aid Kits' catalogue!

We have also available safety supply catalogues to download.

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International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd. is an international service provider company which offers various services to foreign companies, international missions, NGOs, individual expatriates and others who need local expertise and connections in Georgia.

IPSS has an experienced team, ready to deal with our clients'  Procurement and Logistics needs. We offer a value added service to allow our clients to forget their supply woes and focus on their core business.

International Project Support Services has grown to be a leader in the use of modern technologies to offer a comprehensive range of products which can offer simple to high-tech solutions for the protection of plant and personnel.

International Project Support Services offers assistance in establishing and supporting new businesses in Georgia. Don't get frustrated in not being able to accomplish in Georgia what you could in your own country.

Seek efficient, professional and western oriented assistance from IPSS. We can provide you with qualified staff and contacts to help you acclimate to the life and culture in Georgia.

IPSS designs tailor made solutions to meet individual client's logistics needs by using a combination of industry best practises, local knowledge and cutting-edge technologies.

IPSS blends the expertise and knowledge of an international service provider with a network of branch offices and local know-how. IPSS has the capability and experience to handle even the most complex transport projects.



MSA Pullman Holt SKC

International Medical
Support Services Ltd.

International Medical Support Services (IMSS) LTD Georgia, a leader in quality health care provision and emergency readiness response, maintains fully operational medical facilities in Tbilisi, Batumi & Poti.


Safety Supply Business Support Construction Support

IPSS provides quality products paired with unrivalled service at a cost that will please. From supplying Health and Safety equipment to arranging transportation of goods, we can enable you to achieve all of your corporate objectives. We strive to achieve long-term par-tnerships, built on mutual trust, with our clients to provide lasting benefits for everyone.

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IPSS understands that businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enter-prises, that are striving to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the global market need to be backed by efficient and strong national trade support institutions. IPSS works with national institutions to improve their ability to provide consultancy support, information and training covering the whole pur-chasing and supply chain.

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All Design and Research jobs: Geological Surveying, Geophysical research, Topographical drawings. Architectural design: Design of individual houses, offices, retail stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, medical insti-tutions, etc . Presentation 3D drawings and Shop drawings Civil engineering calculations and drawings Electrical drawings: water supply, drainage system, heat supply, etc.

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