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Our mission is to be the supplier of choice for business support services in the south Caucasus region. We establish and support new businesses in Georgia. Being an international service provider company, we offer various services to foreign companies, international missions, NGOs, individual expatriates and others who need local expertise and connections in Georgia.

IPSS recognises the importance of partnership when doing business. We strive to achieve long-term partnerships, built on mutual trust, with our clients to provide lasting benefits for everyone.

International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd. has the resources, the people, and can obtain equipment to complete your project on time and on budget. Our goals are to resolve issues that arise by providing solutions in a highly professional manner, through innovative thinking, experience, expertise and networking.

In october 2005 IPSS sponsored James Joyce exhibition which was conducted under the name "INTERNATIONAL JOYCE". The exhibition marked the centenary of Bloomsday, 16 June 1904, the day immortalised by Joyce in his work "Ulysses".

The IPSS philosophy is to provide outstanding client service. IPSS provides a one-stop solution for business and personal needs while abroad. IPSS' most important asset is the experience and business system utilized by the company to best serve its clients.

The company's strength is the diverse group of management consultants and its growing portfolio of integrated services. International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd guarantees confidential integrity, quality service, professional work and client satisfaction. IPSS is committed to supplying the customer with the highest quality of service to enable our consumer to efficiently start and run a business.

Our offers following services to different companies and  persons: transportation, renting and hiring, commercial activities, import-export of goods, implementation designing, building and repair work, metal care, tourism, custom services, legal consultation, translation, communication services.

IPSS provides unlimited services in Georgia, our offices are also located in the USA and Ireland.
Different brands are available in our shop at 31 Makashvili str, Tbilisi, Georgia, where you can order desirable technique and equipments.

We can provide you with qualified staff and contacts to help you acclimate to the life and culture in Georgia. IPSS helps to identify issues before they become problems as well as resolve conflicts. International Project Support Services is always ready to help.

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