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Project Support includes:

Project Health Care Consultancy Service

IPSS healthcare consultants specialize in consulting for all aspects of today's healthcare operations within hospitals, home health agencies, long term care facilities, retirement communities, and physician practices.

Our healthcare consulting experts will assist you in restructuring existing procedures, developing improved operational systems, recommending information systems strategies and technologies... and providing you with the knowledge and tools to ensure your business will meet and surpass the expectations of today's health care industry.

Project Environmental Consultancy Service

Environmental considerations have become a crucial factor in the planning and development of the built environment. We have strengthened our expertise in this area to provide clients in all sectors with a professional environmental engineering and consultancy service. We have also developed a particular expertise in the related area of water and wastewater.

We provide a comprehensive site investigation and remediation service for developers - particularly useful as more brown field sites are converted for residential, retail and leisure applications.

Our thinking on strategic and policy issues is informed by the practical know-how that comes from implementing and applying systems, infrastructure and mitigation technology within real world constraints. Our work is always structured to provide clients with the most cost-effective response to both immediate and longer-term issues without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Range Of Consultancy Services

IPSS is able to provide the environmental consultancy services listed below. These services can be provided individually or as a discipline to the normal range of project services provided by IPSS, from conceptual engineering studies through detailed design to abandonment / decommissioning studies.

  • Environmental scoping and preliminary assessment studies.
  • Environmental risk assessment.
  • Formal Environmental Assessment.
  • Environmental actions tracking system.
  • Environmental management systems.
  • Environmental auditing.
  • BATNEEC and BPEO studies.
  • Waste minimization engineering.
  • Air emissions reviews.
  • Water treatment engineering.

Project Environmental Consultancy Service

Medical Officers are fully qualified doctors in current practice. The task of the IPSS is to provide a total medical support service to the service man and woman. This includes primary care, conducting medical examinations of new recruits and the ongoing medical checks of personnel. IPSS staff is required to give general advice on medical and occupational health matters to their Commanding Officers and to provide specific medical advice to personnel when required. IPSS may also assist in search and rescue operations or aero medical evacuation. We provide medical support service at any time, any place, at a low cost.

Project Medical Support

Our sister company, International Medical Support Services (IMSS) LTD Georgia, a leader in quality health care provision and emergency readiness response, maintains fully operational medical facilities in Tbilisi, Batumi & Poti. Our highly trained staff and fully equipped emergency services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. IMSS provides medical treatment and emergency medical response deployment capability aided by a qualified medical staff, fully equipped ambulances and emergency response vehicles.

Working in Georgia for the past six years, IMSS has an emergency service network of three equipped clinics offering the expertise of an experienced western medical service provider... Working to extremely high standards, we provide the best attention to our clients.

Project Evacuation Support

The evacuation process involves four phases - Warning, Preparation, Assembly and Departure. IPSS provides the resources to offer a full range of support through all four phases of the evacuation process.

Too often, emphasis is placed on the final phase - which is the most stressful and the most costly aspect of the evacuation - especially if an aircraft must be brought in for the sole purpose of extracting employees. IPSS approaches the evacuation process differently. Emphasis is placed on the first three stages, allowing for the timely departure of dependents and non-essential employees on regularly scheduled commercial flights before a situation reaches a crisis level.

In most cases, a crisis situation does not occur overnight. There is often a slow build up of tensions that ultimately reach a crisis point. IPSS works with your organization's security department from the first indications that a situation may deteriorate, providing advice and recommendations. Thus, employees and dependents can depart the country in an orderly fashion - with all the necessary paperwork and visas - on regularly scheduled flights instead of costly charter aircraft.

In the event of a sudden crisis - an unexpected situation such as a coup d'tat or natural disaster - IPSS has the established infrastructure necessary to acquire aircraft and crews on short notice in order to implement a successful evacuation.

Project Catering & Hygiene Training Support

IPSS offers a variety of courses addressing:
  • Industrial safety;
  • Construction safety;
  • Industrial hygiene;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Safety management;
  • Risk management.

Courses are designed to emphasize practical application of safety principles.

We're offering courses to help prevent workplace accidents and reduce costs. These classes are intended to teach employers and employees about occupational safety and health issues.

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