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IPSS offers a broad range of information technology solutions that give your business a strategic advantage by enabling you to do more with information. From hardware and networking to business applications to Internet solutions and value-added maintenance services, IPSS will deliver a turnkey solution designed to allow your business to focus on improving productivity and profitability. At IPSS, we understand that every business is unique and tailor our solutions to address the individual needs of our clients. We offer clients a single resource of IT professionals dedicated to providing high quality service and committed to developing lasting customer relationships.

Dial-Up Service

IPSS Internet Dial-up Services is committed to provide you with a reliable and trouble free service. We therefore maintain a 6:1 modem to user ratio to assure you that busy signals will be a thing of the past. We offer dial-up access for 14.4, 28.8, 33.6, K56Flex, 56K V.90, ISDN 64K, and ISDN 128K modems. At this time, 100% of our POP's support the V.90 56K standard. Consequently, you can be assured that you are getting the fastest dial-up connectivity available. Whether you're in a main office, a remote office or traveling on business IPSS's dial-up services allow simplified access to Internet applications, including World Wide Web (WWW), mail, news, file transfer protocol (FTP), by allowing you to dial-up to any of our points-of-presence at no extra charge.

Leased line service

An inexpensive modem based connection, set up only when needed, is the ideal solution for occasional use of Internet. Running a web server, handling a large volume of mail, connecting an entire network of users, or offering other information services requires a permanent connection to the net and a higher bandwidth than normal modems can deliver. The solution is a Leased Line connection to the Internet which is fast and permanent. Depending on your bandwidth requirements, IPSS can provide leased lines ranging from 2.4Kbps to 2Mbps.


IPSS will help you design and implement a network that leverages your existing investments, avoids costly downtime and saves time and money when you move to performance enhancing technologies. Our network integration services can help businesses integrate and deploy a complex network infrastructure that leverages multi vendor technologies. We analyze existing networks, protocols, wired and wireless configurations to identify performance, interoperability and connectivity requirements. We provide implementation planning, detailed logical and physical network design, rapid deployment and network rollouts, product installation and customization and operational services for network and cabling infrastructures.

24/7 Technical support

Our Maintenance and Support Services provide:
  • A single point of contact for global maintenance, assuring a consistent level of support worldwide.
  • Service level agreements, nationwide or worldwide.
  • Three support level options - 24x7, same-day or next-day service.
  • Access to valuable expertise when you need it.

Count on IPSS for highly qualified support.

IT Service

  • System Support
    • OS Installation
    • OS Update
    • OS Management
  • Technical Support
    • Programs Installation
    • Program Update
    • Driver Installation
    • OS Reinstallation
  • Security Support
    • OS Repair
    • OS Cleanup
    • Data Backup
    • Data Management (Managing you data efficiently)
    • Antivirus Installation
    • Viruses/Trojan removal

Web / Graphic Design Service

  • HTML Web-site (personal/business)
  • Flash Web-site (personal/business)
  • Banner Design (Static/Animated/Flash)
  • Business cards / poster / brochure design
  • Redesign of web-site
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