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IPSS have extensive experience in managing and providing Catering Services in Georgia as well as abroad. With our award winning marketing initiatives and advices of our highly qualified experts, we understand our customers' diverse requirements. Our knowledge and experience, enables us to ensure that every service is operating to its full potential.

One of the reasons IPSS has been so successful, is our ability to operate within different segments of the market, whilst satisfying the diverse needs of individual customers and clients.

IPSSí most important asset is the people selected to serve our clients. We actively encourage every member of staff to acquire higher-level skills and qualifications to maximise the quality of our service, and provide staff with total job satisfaction.

At IPSS our Quality Assurance Programme lays down exacting standards for every employee, regardless of status. We do not accept minimum standards; we demand and get the best.

IPSS has unique training kitchens throughout all its contracts ensuring all new and existing staff are trained to exceptional standards. Training programmes combine practical knowledge with achievement of quality and standards. These are all required to guarantee the levels of expertise and service you rightly demand.

Quality and standards are rigorously monitored and are regularly self-assessed. Our standards far exceed those stipulated by government legislation. All our personnel carry health certificates and undergo trainings in hygiene and sanitary norms.

The same exacting standards that are demanded from our own people are also imposed on all our suppliers and outside services. IPSS will only accept the finest produce, the most reliable service and the fairest price.

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